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    What are the Carpet Types?

    There are many different carpets produced by our company. These are listed as follows.

    Carpets According to Usage Areas

    Carpet types produced by today are listed as follows depending on their usage areas.

    These types of carpets

    -The living room carpet is generally the first product that comes to mind.

    They are carpets used in areas such as runner carpets, corridors, entrances or kitchens. They are available in different lengths and different widths.

    Balcony carpets are weather-resistant or fade-resistant carpets, generally known as outdoor carpets. These are generally used as terraces, balconies or summer carpets.

    -Children's carpet, unlike other carpets, must meet the necessary health conditions and be resistant to stains.

    -Bathroom carpets are carpets that will be in constant contact with water in general and must be non-slip. These carpets produced by our company can be washed or they are preferred to be light.

    - Since the kitchen carpet is the busy living area of ​​the houses today, it should be stain resistant, non-slip and washable.

    -Bedroom carpets should offer a very soft texture or comfortable use in bedrooms, which are generally known as the center of comfort.